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To the Editor:

The Republican Party finally came out and said it: "We are the party of the rich, to heck with the middle class and the poor."

At least that is the best you can make of the mess they passed at about 3 a.m. Dec. 2. They didn't even know what all was in the bill they voted on, as apparently they were still writing it while they were voting on it. That is some way to run a government — or anything for that matter.

It is estimated that the Trump Empire will save as much as a billion dollars in future taxes, even though he claims it will cost him a fortune. Our current governor will get about a quarter of a million in savings, according to what I read. The remainder of us poor folks will get a few crumbs at best if in fact we don't have to give up our bread to make the crumbs. Ultimately, down the road, most everyone will get a tax increase out of this mess, except the corporations as their tax cut is permanent while all the others are just temporary.

The Republicans that voted for this mess hope to get a nice juicy campaign contributions from the people who got the nice juicy tax cuts. "Campaign contribution" is a code word for "bribe," or at least that is what it would be for any ordinary person. I don't think the swamp has been drained yet, but come November 2018, I intend to go to the polls and cast my vote to finish draining it and toss out the creatures that we find in the muck in the bottom. I suggest you do likewise, and, for goodness sake, get out and vote. Don't just sit at home and let all of this just happen and say, "Oh, I can't do anything about it," because you can and you must.

Keeping our current form of government depends on you getting out to vote and knowing what or who you are voting for.

Bill Schwegman


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