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To the Editor:

Whatever your opinions of Chancellor Montemagno’s proposal, it is not about improving enrollment any time in the next seven years. It is also not about saving money. He said so himself. Cutting programs and jobs due to continuing losses in enrollment over the next several years will happen whether we do nothing or if the chancellor’s proposal is pursued.

It should be of great concern to everyone that no plan is currently before the Board of Trustees to expeditiously stem the declines in enrollment, to improve retention on campus, or to really hear our students’ voices.

There is a plan at; a plan to lower fees and tuition with a superior media blitz, to institute a Center for Cross-Cultural Student Success, a return to 60 credit hours required for transfer students to SIUC, a 2 percent reduction in SIUC salaries that exceed $150,000.00, and advertising in movie theaters. This plan can be pursued if we all unify to demand it.

Recognizing that many things need to be accomplished, enrollment needs to take priority over others. This comprehensive plan in no way ignores that additional ideas exist to remedy problems at the university. At this time, in this place, we simply must pursue a strategic plan to jump-start and sustain enrollment and retention.

If you believe something has to be done, you need to do something. Read the documented plan at Write to the Board of Trustees at before April 12 requesting pursuit of this comprehensive plan.

Thank you.

Daniel Silver

Alto Pass


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