To the Editor:

In last Wednesday’s edition, Sen. Durbin advocated ending the Electoral College in favor of electing our president by a straight majority vote.

It sounds nice, but there is an underlying consequence, a willed mischief, the Democrats would rather not discuss.

Article II, Sec. 1, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution as amended by the 12th Amendment establishes our Electoral College. Therein, lies the wisdom and genius of our framers. Among other considerations, they were most concerned that the rights of the smaller states be preserved from the wiles and dictates of the larger, more populous states. The number of each state’s electoral college votes is determined by the number of their congressional seats in the House of Representatives plus their two senators (emphasis added). This ensured the smaller states a voice even in the wilderness of their smallness.

It was the same genius that the framers gave us in a bicameral Congress. The U.S. House was given the vote in terms of representative population while the Senate was given an equal vote regardless of population or geographical size. It was by design that the framers were sensitive to the issue of more populated states disenfranchising less populated states. Similarly, the framers were sensitive to the issue of “geographic” disenfranchisement by highly populated small urban areas over large rural areas of our land mass. Thus, the protection of the Bicameral Congress and thus the Electoral College.

Let’s put it into present day living terms of what Sen. Durbin and the Democrats are really saying. If our president were to be elected under a new system of a straight majority vote without the protection of the Electoral College, it is entirely probable that four of our most populated states, such as California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois, could unilaterally control the future of our elections to the demise of four of our smaller states, such as Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota and Montana.

Think of it this way: If we of Southern Illinois (not only Republicans, but Democrats as well) already feel disenfranchised by the antics, control and corruption of big city politics in Chicago and Springfield, it will only, exponentially, get worse with the elimination of the Electoral College.

Ron DaRosa

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