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Voice of the Reader: Enough is enough

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To the Editor:

Usually being number one is sought after. Williamson County is number number one in COVID cases. Day after day, week after week we top the list. What is wrong with those of us who call Williamson County home? This is nothing to be proud of as were the massacres of strike breaker miners back in the 1920s. I married twice, go to church on a regular basis, taught in Williamson County, birthed four here and adopted two children here so I feel I have skin in the game. We have gotten flu shots every year but these COVID numbers game must stop. We must vaccinate everyone eligible. We must protect our most vulnerable, the older citizens who can and do avail ourselves of vaccination and our children who are not able to be vaccinated. We must mask when in gathering with others, I don't enjoy masks. Glasses and hearing aides are a pill when wearing a mask but I do it. It is the least I/we can do. We have nearly defeated small pox, measles, chicken pox, whooping cough and the scourge of my childhood, Polio through vaccines. Children must be protected by vaccines before entering school. Why is this different?

Whatever the reason to refuse vaccination mostly it is bogus. We have given the Virus time to change into a more dangerous variant. Every day we delay we give it a chance to change again. We are an educated County and Nation, lets act like it.

Marlene Koerner



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