To the Editor:

According to the Constitution, Congress is supposed to set and regulate tariffs, not the president. Unfortunately, through the years, Congress has let this action be taken over by the Executive Branch of the government since Congress seems to have difficulty deciding what day it is on a timely basis.

It is time for Congress and the president to start acting like adults rather that a bunch of 2-year-olds and get something good done for the taxpayers. This would include stopping the ridiculous trade war and start trying to live within our means, rather than giving the rich a big tax cut and borrowing the money to pay for it all.

The current national debt is about $20-plus trillion and it looks like the current annual budget will go in the red about another trillion. This is not sustainable and any corporation that had these kind of problems would no doubt kick out the current CEO and Board of Directors or go out of business.

In November 2020, we the "shareholders" of the United States of America will get a chance to kick out our "CEO and Board of Directors." Let's not blow the opportunity.

If they are in, vote them out. Period. Enough is enough.

Bill Schwegman


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