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Voice of the Reader: Flynn's reply repugnant

Voice of the Reader: Flynn's reply repugnant

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To the Editor:

Former Army Lt. General Michael Flynn has once again crossed the line. Over the weekend, Flynn, who is also a former National Security Advisor, intimated that the United States could benefit from a military style coup. Flynn was responding to a Marine veteran who questioned why America, unlike Myanmar, has not had a democratically elected leader, presumably the president, extricated from office by force. The remarks, made at a Q-Anon conference, were greeted with thunderous applause from the audience. Flynn's reply, even for him, was repugnant. Flynn answered with, "No reason. I mean, it should happen here." Wow. Just wow.

The fact that Flynn was a major figure in America's national security apparatus is downright frightening. Thankfully, the erstwhile NSA's tenure only lasted 22 days.

Flynn, at every turn, touts his patriotism and loyalty to this country. His remarks, however, are antithetical to our democratic ideals. No true patriot would ever even hint at overthrowing the government over some irrational and unfounded belief that the government has engaged in tyranny. The 2020 election conspiracy has given birth to a dangerous level of anti-government sentiment. The irony is, many of the loudest "patriots" are often the most unpatriotic among us. You cannot wrap yourself in the American flag, while at the same time espouse secessionist or revolutionary ideals. It simply does not work that way. I love this country unconditionally, and I really hate to see what we are becoming. And Flynn's rhetoric is not useful to a civil, national discourse.

Angelo Hightower



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