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To the Editor:

In a recent Letter to the Editor, writer Ray Hollmann gets a couple of facts utterly wrong.

If you look at the political landscape in Illinois, every single special interest has someone advocating on their behalf with the exception of taxpayers. That’s where the Illinois Policy Institute comes in.

Since 2002, the Institute has supported policies that will make Illinois competitive and allow residents to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Our policy experts create original, research-based policy solutions and provide thought leadership on the most important issues facing our state, from pensions to the budget to Illinois’ economy.

The Institute exists because thousands of people in Illinois believe in our ideas and support our mission. Before he ran for office, the governor numbered among our donors. But Hollmann’s implication that the governor “helped start” the Institute is wildly inaccurate. The Institute existed well before the governor ever donated to us, and we’ll continue to exist long after his term in office has ended.

Hollmann also attempts to discredit the Illinois News Network because of its affiliation with the Institute. I wonder if Mr. Hollmann has the same concerns about other news outlets?

There’s ownership and investment, and then there’s editorial control. The same is true for legacy media. The Chicago Sun-Times vowed to maintain journalistic integrity after an investment group led by a coalition of labor unions and a former Chicago alderman bought out the newspaper.

INN completely controls the stories their reporters write and how they tell these stories.

The Illinois Policy Institute exists to provide hope to Illinoisans who feel forgotten at the Statehouse. We’ve become a vehicle that allows Illinoisans to hold lawmakers accountable and advance solutions to problems they’re facing as middle-class taxpayers working to build better lives for themselves and their families.

We encourage Mr. Hollmann and other Illinoisans who are fed up with the status quo in Illinois to visit to learn more.

Eric Kohn

Illinois Policy



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