To the Editor:

You might not know it from the lack of media coverage here in the United States, but on April 23, electoral history was made in North America.

For the first time, a Green Party became the second largest party represented in a state or provincial government, in Prince Edward Island, Canada. They won eight seats out of 27, while the incumbent Liberal Party fell to third largest with six.

The PEI Greens' rise to Official Opposition status, supplanting what had been one of the province's two major parties, is a remarkable testament to the power a sufficiently courageous, motivated electorate can wield even in a winner-take-all electoral system. And as of May 6, there are also two elected Greens in the Canadian Parliament, that is, their national government. If Canadian voters can elect multiple Greens at a provincial and even national level, why can't we do that here in the United States?

With the myriad of challenges our country and environment face in this era of corrupt authoritarian governments and unprecedented environmental damage, we need a stronger environmentalist Left. We need civil libertarians, peace activists, humanists, environmentalists, and people that simply care about their fellow human beings and the world we live in. We need more Greens in government. And if you agree with what I've said, the Green Party needs more candidates and more volunteers to help our candidates get on the ballot and campaign effectively. It's in our hands.

Joshua Hellmann


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