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To the Editor:

Please help the Post Office, a group that belongs to all the people and serves us well.

In 2006, President George W. Bush, congressional Republican leaders and powerful lobbyists, including UPS, FedEx and Wall Street speculators, helped Congress enact an enhancement provision putting a one-of-a kind paper debt on the United Postal Service's (USPS) books.

This provision required the USPS to prefund the health and pension benefits for all Post Office retirees 75 years in advance, which, obviously, includes those workers who are not yet born. This adds $6.9 billion a year false costs to the agency, and is a policy that no other private corporation or government agency is forced to carry.

Take it away and the Post Office has no debt. But with this burden, outlets such as FOX News and other right-wing media and even the Washington Post, AP, network TV, NPR and others perpetuate this insolvency myth that the USPS is "on an unsustainable financial path" and "must be restructured."

For further in-depth information, please go to the September 2018 issue of and

Jackie Mueller


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