To the Editor:

The editorial, "There are some things more important than politics" (Sunday, July, 21), gave a renewed sense of hope to people of color in southern Illinois - hope for better understanding of America's past and some of the lasting effects of its negative aspects, hope for a broader presence with an embracing sense of inclusion in the present. And hope for adoption of a shared future that is highly intertwined with the past and the present.

In the current furor over the President's vile messaging, many in the media seem to be misguided in their analysis of such situations. In the first place, they ask the perpetrator, or an ally, if they are racist, when, in fact, a perpetrator of a racist practice should be given no more leverage to judge a racist act than a criminal should be allowed to determine if a criminal act was perpetrated.

Secondly, the media often have a singular focus toward designating the coming election as the most important effect.

People of color see it differently: The most important effect is our lives, today and tomorrow, as we continue to see our self-actualization thwarted - sometimes in violent and dramatic fashion, but more often our lives just "fester" away. Insightful editorials such as the one cited can, undoubtedly, help to alter such fates.

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You are to be commended, not only for taking the right approach, but also for presenting it in such a high quality framework.

Emphatically, yes, "there are some things more important than politics!"

Ella Lacey


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