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To the Editor:

Excuse me, Ms. Nancy, but your “hypocrisy” is showing.

While standing in your gated compound, you continue to shout how we little people have nothing to fear from outside forces. We are not entitled to having a barrier of some sort to stop this flood of uninvited humanity, possibility dangerous humanity, from our doors.

It has not been said that you might take a few of these migrants into your abode for an overnight visit, yet we are expected to welcome this flood into our towns, communities and villages, not knowing anything of their backgrounds. You continue to maintain your support for border security, yet refuse to participate in the securing of said border.

If your fence around your home is acceptable, then why is it immoral for us to expect the same protection at our southern boundary. This is a shameless position you have maintained for the past two years, just because of your hatred of our president and it endangers us all and our sovereignty as a nation.

Just a few short years ago, you were willing, under the prior administration, to spend billions on a proposed construction project -- very similar to the one being proposed now. If it is not your hatred of the man in office that made you take such a different position on border security, then what?

You try to reinforce your position against the proposed construction as “wasteful and ineffective,” and yet you charter our military aircraft for your weekend junkets with several of your cronies to places all over the world. Racking up $2 million-plus in travel expenses, plus the cost of the food and booze, for your own gratification is not wasteful, or is it? Disgraceful, at best.

Behaving like royalty at taxpayers' expense, all the while opposing a project spending taxpayer funds to secure our safety and security.

How you can maintain any level of credibility or trust is a mystery to most of us.

J.R. McNeely


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