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To the Editor:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the Senate had a "remarkable year of achievements."

I was trying to think just what those were. We pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the only nation on Earth to do so. Many regulations have been scrapped, such as reducing regulations effecting coal mining, so miners are more likely to get black lung. We have gotten out of parts of NAFTA, resulting in farmers losing a lot of their sales. They have refused to fund the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

And the really big one is the raid on the Treasury, "disguised" as a tax cut for the middle class. That has to be the biggest lie of the century to date. The Republicans are saving four more "remarkable achievements" for 2018 - namely cutting Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and starting a war with North Korea.

Hopefully, the voters will remember some or all of these "remarkable achievements" and go to the polls and vote these politicians into retirement. With all they have hauled off, they should be able to survive fairly "high on the hog," so as to speak. An old friend of mine had a good motto, "If they are in, vote them out." I suggest that be generously applied in the 2018 election.

Bill Schwegman


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