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To the Editor:

In 1986, federal amnesty was granted to 2.7 million illegal aliens. As a part of this legislation, our southern border was to be secured. Illegal immigration would end because there would no longer be a significant population influx due to unlawful border crossings.

However, the border was never secured.

By 2008 millions of illegal aliens were once again living here. Barack Obama's solution? Obama created a subclass of illegal aliens by extending federal protection to children who were transported into this country as a part of their parents' illegal entries.

The media suggests youthful illegal aliens have some special status. Illegal is deemed not to be illegal if you can somehow release these young people from any blemish which derivatively falls upon them because of the unlawful actions of their parents.

Now, where is the true stupidity in the media's spin and Obama's "dreamer" program? If the policy of the United States is to grant citizenship to individuals who were illegally brought here by their parents, haven't we now created a new form of citizenship? You don't have to be born here or legally enter to be a citizen. If your parents can get you across the border, you can become a citizen.

Look, folks. If you are not legally in this country, regardless of any age considerations, you should be compelled to return to your homeland.

This is not a matter of passing new legislation to legitimize dreamers. This is an issue of enforcing our current laws.

Chris Tabing



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