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Voice of the Reader: Immigration needs managed

Voice of the Reader: Immigration needs managed

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To the Editor:

The situation at the southern border is a crisis. There, I said it. For some reason, the Biden administration is reluctant to use the “C” word, even as some key officials have. The press, for its part, is caught up in semantics. In my view, it matters not what you call the immigration situation. Indeed, what matters is how the situation is managed.

For the record, many presidents have struggled to contain the flow of migration from the south. President Biden, I believe, is sincere in his desire to competently and humanely deal with the decades old issue. The challenge is; many citizens south of the border believe that it’s open season because of the change in administrations. The Biden administration needs to be unequivocal when addressing immigration policy. The message should be, “Give us your tired, your poor, and huddled masses” after we put measures in place where we can humanely accommodate everyone seeking a better life for them and their families. Additionally, it’s at least equally important to change the negative conditions of the countries where many immigrants are from. That’s the root of the problem. After all, no one wants to leave their native land if conditions are more palatable.

What we can’t do, though, is be summarily dismissive of anyone fleeing from violence, poverty or other deplorable condition. That’s exactly what any one of us would do under similar circumstances. We can control the border. And we can do it humanely.

Angelo Hightower




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