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To the Editor:

Many aspects of life are different from life during the Revolution and drafting of the Constitution and later the Bill of Rights. Fortunately for us, the intentions of the framers of the Bill of Rights prevail. However, elements of the U.S. want to challenge the right which assures the others — the right to bear arms.

The Constitution provides two avenues for amendments. The obvious way requires two thirds of the House and the Senate and then ratification by three-fourths of the states. Recent attempts at equal rights and balanced-budget amendments and fanciful ones like anti-flag-burning have failed.

The less known way requires that two-thirds of state legislatures call for a constitutional convention. Almost that many are controlled by Republicans. Thus, presently, there is little chance of a gun control amendment.

Best that we appreciate that the foremost intent of the Second Amendment is to assure protection from tyrannical government. And, best that we understand that creeping socialism — a slippery slope which has been intensifying since FDR — ultimately results in government which assumes it knows better how we should live than we do and goes on to collect guns, attack free press, etc.

Witness that soon after Democrats legislate new entitlement programs, Republicans assume they can not be elected without them and more responsibility and employment shifts to the public sector, tending to tyranny.

Please, hands off the Second Amendment. Individuals may need their guns to save the republic. Meantime the more personal and family protection and sport shooting the better for the economy and conservation.

Ron Stadt



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