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To the Editor:

The facts, as presented about SIU and President Randy Dunn by not only The Southern but also the Belleville News-Democrat, show a complete lack of honesty and a tilted prejudice toward SIUE's chancellor at the expense of SIUC Chancellor Carlo Montemagno.

Dunn wanted Brad Colwell (who in is not a leader) and then vented his frustration out on the SIUC campus. And the Board of Trustees and Dunn are both culpable for the enrollment decline at SIUC — Dunn didn't have an enrollment provost for over seven years.

All in all, he is a lame duck who does not have a moral, legal or ethical leg to stand on based upon all reported information. And Dunn's recent rebuttal discussed only the system allocations and his view of an "equal" allocation flies in the face of his lack of understanding Carbondale's role as a national research university.

He and the Board of Trustees should step down, and the entire Board needs to be changed. Whomever changed the Board of Trustees slots to only have four from SIUC and four from SIUE smacks of a behind-the-scenes political move to further someone's political agenda.

Bill McGraw



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