To the Editor:

I read the article about the drop in enrollment in The Southern. It seems to me the bright spot at SIU Carbondale is freshman/sophomore retention. I wonder if that will be the case next year?

The Southern wrote a story touting the success of the Saluki Success program headed by Nick Weshinskey. It seems in her infinite wisdom, Interim Provost Meera Komarraju, has decided to fix what ain't broke, to use a local colloquialism. SIU has a long history of shooting itself in the foot. Great leadership puts great people in place and allows them to perform. If they are not performing, then it is time to coach, counsel or cut, as is appropriate.

It seems not only were Weshinskey and his team performing, they excelled at what they did and had passion for the students and the university.

Incoming freshman need counseling, a sympathetic ear, encouragement and most importantly, to feel they are not alone. I wonder if Komarraju's revamp allows for the interaction these students need?

Where are Weshinskey and his team now? Are they still at the University? As a business owner, if I have talented, dedicated people, I do not let them go!

Jim James


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