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Voice of the Reader: Loyalty over duty
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Voice of the Reader: Loyalty over duty

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To the Editor:

This message is for Rep. Mike Bost, whose website doesn’t seem to be accepting letters at the moment.

Rep. Bost, you took an oath swearing to protect the U.S. Constitution, but your objections to the certified electoral votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania show that you placed misguided loyalty to Donald Trump ahead of your duty to the Constitution, the country, and the citizens of Illinois. Your hypocrisy in objecting to the presidential vote in these states after you voted on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021, to seat their representatives in Congress, who were elected on the same ballots, using the same voting procedures, is stunning.

That you persisted in your objections Wednesday after experiencing the violence caused by people who responded to the president’s incitement and lies is equally disturbing. You defended your objections by saying that many Americans distrust the electoral process. You could lessen that distrust by admitting that no substantive fraud has been found in any state in the last election and that 60 lawsuits alleging fraud or unlawful election processes were all dismissed or found to be without merit.

Actions have consequences, and your support of baseless allegations regarding our free and fair election weakens our democracy. Your attempt to curry favor with a losing candidate and his base has ensured that history will brand you as a traitor to your oath of office.

Susan Pearlman




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