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To the Editor:

What happened last weekend is continuing and will escalate because the public is not speaking out enough, and the people in the highest office are part of it. You can't ignore this. And if you do, you are doing the country a disservice.

If you think this is a one-time incident, you are wrong. David Duke, the former grand wizzard of the KKK was there, and proudly and publicly announced on camera, smiling, that they endorsed and support Donald Trump and they feel they are promoting his cause.

For the life of me, I cannot understand how good people are not shocked and appalled by the public show of neo-Nazi, white supremist racism, in the open, in our streets. If it had been a Muslim terrorist that had plowed through a bunch of people, killing one and injuring many more, it would have been on everybody's mind, and Trump would have been on Twitter within minutes with his tough talk. Well, this was a white male terrorist from Ohio. I've seen more outrage when a football player didn't stand for the nation anthem. But "crickets" when a bunch of white men carry torches, render the Nazi salute, praising the man in our white house and the leader of Russia. Then deliberately run over a bunch of people in the street, killing one. You amaze me!

Silence is acceptance. And I see way too much silence about this. It makes me sad and it makes me angry at the same time.

Aggie Paul



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