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To the Editor:

I am reading with interest the series The Southern is doing regarding the illegal alien living next door. I find it amazing that you are hailing a person who has, for more than 20 years and continues to, break the law. He spent more than 20 years lying to his family, friends and neighbors. Every time he has crossed the border into this country, he has done it illegally. And yet, you are attempting to make him into some type of national hero.

I cannot believe that in the course of the 20-some-odd years that he has been living illegally in this country, buying Nike shoes and living the dream, he could not have contacted a lawyer and done whatever was necessary to become legal. Others have done it, why didn’t he? It appears to me that he feels he is above the law, and The Southern is enabling that attitude.

Person of the Year? Not in my book.

Kenneth Bielecki



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