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Voice of the Reader: Patriots?
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Voice of the Reader: Patriots?

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To the Editor:

My emotions were stirred reading the Tuesday, May 26, edition of The Southern.

The front page articles showed a picture of a true patriot, Don Cooper, in the "Little Arlington" article. My pride in my country and the generations of veterans who fought for our freedom tugged at my heartstrings. Personally, the article matched my pride in my Dad, who fought in World War II.

Then below that was an article regarding the demonstration of a "gathering of patriots." Patriots? Hardly!

Mr. Moshe Ben Avi, excuse me, your statement that this was not a protest boggles the definition of protest. Your "freedom has been infringed upon," and you want to waste Gov. Pritzker's time calling for his removal. Please, you and the rest of your small crowd should read and study the "Little Arlington" article.

How not patriotic can you be? Our governor has saved many lives in Illinois by his prompt action calling for isolation and face covering in the war against the COVID-19 virus.

Illinois still needs more testing. Illinois still needs masks. But there are still persons who show no symptoms who carry the virus. Yes, everyone has been inconvenienced, personally and financially. Our ancestors were inconvenienced as well.

The fight against this enemy is still evolving. Your rights to freedom are limited by mine. As my Dad would say, your right to swing your fist ends with my nose.

So be brave, care about your neighbor, obey orders. That is the way patriotic citizens can support our leaders in this fight.

MAUA: Make America United Again.

Beth Connell




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