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To the Editor:

Fellow Americans! Here we are again, bleeding, crying, lamenting! And for what? Are we not Americans, the Good People? Do we not pride ourselves on following Christ’s first lesson, to love one another? Is not our government at all levels built on this principle, this rock? Do we not care for one another in need, in sickness? Do we not cherish and protect the least of our children? Why do we, an enlightened, sensitive, civilized people tolerate periodic and growing slaughter of totally innocent, blameless friends and neighbors in orgies of blazing gunfire?

It is said by the naysayers that nothing can be done. Just think of that. Aren't we the people that so often have led the way and solved long-standing problems of every kind? Are we to believe that, because an extremely small part of our population finds it gratifying to own, to caress, to fondle, to shoot off, a portable, deadly killing machine, that the annual sacrifice of 30,000 fellow Americans is justified? If so, should not the victims be chosen from the ranks of the naysayers?

Is it not fair that the NRA at least establish a fund to compensate the victims and the survivors of this gun lust?

Do not the gun lovers comprehend how repugnant their devotion to their guns is to the larger American public? Do they believe that they can go on forever immune to retribution? Can they not conceive of those same hungry guns perhaps eventually being turned against themselves in stealthy revenge?

Of course, this is all too horrible think about. But, "whence cometh our help?" Wake up! Is it not among the rank and file NRA membership that help must be found? Is it not better, for the good of our country, that the responsible majority of gun owners mobilize themselves and lead the search for a solution to this problem more in keeping with our American principles and values?

Fred H. Dippel



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