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Voice of the Reader: Please help keep us safe
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Voice of the Reader: Please help keep us safe

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To the Editor:

Do Carbondale Police officers ticket drivers who run red lights anymore? I feel a sense of dread each time I approach an intersection.

More and more often I see drivers speed through the intersection after the light has turned red. Is it too much to ask that drivers follow the rules of the road and stop at an intersection for a red light that might last a minute, if that? I have had some close calls when driving in my car and when on my bicycle. I now wait until every car has stopped at the intersection before crossing, and yet there is still that odd car that comes speeding through the red light, seemingly out of nowhere, causing my heart to pound and the fear to rise.

This happened once when a police car was at the intersection opposite me. The officer did nothing. I know that police officers have things to do other than sit at intersections, but the safety of Carbondale citizens is at risk.

Jan Eisenhard




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