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To the Editor:

I have a few thoughts in response to Molly Parker's article, "This can never happen again."

Thank you, Molly, for a very well done article. I have been following this issue since I first read about the situation in Cairo in the fall of 2015. I have been to Cairo many times since then. It is painfully obvious to me that this situation is directly related to government corruption and neglect at the expense of precious lives.

It would be wonderful to see some private initiatives rise up to invest in the Cairo community that would be more responsive to need and opportunity for local investment. Instead of allowing the government to use Cairo to funnel resources to political operatives, why not rather Southern Illinois rise up in compassion and pour love and true hope into an otherwise forgotten community.

Politics has failed. Why wouldn't investment of love and hope translated into opportunity be worth a shot?

Jaime Moyers



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