Voice of the Reader: Rally?

Voice of the Reader: Rally?

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To the Editor:

It has long been standard practice for national governments facing domestic opposition to start a war someplace, to distract the public and allow them to label opponents as unpatriotic and treasonous. Mr. Trump may not read much, but he certainly seems familiar with that playbook.

War with Iran represents a bonanza to the military-industrial complex, vindication to the Neo-Con hawks who have long advocated it, and the opening salvo of Armageddon for evangelicals who view the world through "end-time" lenses. The Iranian government, facing its own problems, should welcome an opportunity to get its people to "rally round the flag."

Given the prospect of being mired in another endless war, peace demonstrations are likely to be large, loud and civilly disobedient. As a result, Trump may well send troops in to quell the "traitors," with orders to use live ammunition if necessary. I would urge members of the military to think hard and long about obeying orders from their Commander in Chief to fire upon their fellow citizens. The consequences could be dire.

Gary K. Shepherd



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