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To the Editor:

I spent Saturday afternoon at the Southern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days at John A. Logan College. I had a great time watching the splash dogs, browsing through the tents full of hunting and fishing gear, and enjoying a BBQ. Kudos to the organizers, employees, volunteers, and anyone who helped make this event such a wonderful success, once again, this year.

There is one downside to the event that could be easily corrected, while at the same time making a big impact. I was surprised and saddened there were no recycling cans at any of the trash sites. The trash cans were full of cans, glass and plastic bottles. Why not place appropriate recycling containers by each of the trash cans?

The show, which highlights the beauty and richness of our outdoors, should be a leader in the field of sustainability and protection of the environment.

How about being really innovative and shift this wonderful event to being a Zero Waste event by providing compostable serving ware? This is commonly done in other communities, even for huge gatherings, and event organizers are always thrilled to report on the tiny amount of true garbage that goes to the landfills afterwards.

John A. Logan staff, please follow through on your commitment to the environment by recycling at all of your large community events.

Harry Threlkeld


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