To the Editor:

Of the 10,000 documented lies told by President Donald Trump and an equal number of horrendous actions of the man who represents us in the world, the very worst happened just after the massacres in Dayton and El Paso.

On Aug. 7, on a fly-in to El Paso, he demanded that his staff arrange for photo ops to counteract criticism by Dayton’s mayor earlier that day. An orphan was found, a little baby whose parents had died in a 30-second hail of bullets at Walmart. The baby was handed to the woman known as the First Lady. She smiled broadly into the camera as her husband, our President, stood beside her and held up his thumb with a triumphant grin.

Click. This is an image that I now carry in my brain permanently. It is the image every one of us should never forget, especially as we stand in the voting box in November 2020. It is a photo we should also remember when we think about U.S. Rep. Mike Bost, who has remained silent about this photo and countless other shocking, ugly things his party’s leader has said and done.

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This photo-op baby will grow up wondering just what Donald and Melania Trump were so happy about. Thumbs up for being smart enough not to get gunned down? For not being a “loser” like, say, prisoner-of-war John McCain? Thumbs up for being plucked from the crowd for a Trump brush-with-greatness event, Trump being the man who calls himself “a very stable genius”?

We’ve now learned that some people in his campaign crowds are forced to be there. So was this El Paso orphan. No one will have to force me to vote Trump and Bost out of office next year. That day can’t come fast enough for me.

Laraine Wright


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