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Voice of the Reader: Sept. 11

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To the Editor:

Having retired in May of that year, I decided that I would have time to get a new puppy. She was only a few weeks old and I was out in the alley, starting her housebreaking.

My wife was still working and I was surprised when she pulled in behind the house. She had forgot to pick something up. She said I might want to go turn the TV on, something about a plane hitting a building in New York City.

When I went in and turned the TV on, there was a reporter interviewing a man on the street. The building that had been hit was in the background. While they were talking a jet appeared and slammed into another building. It appeared to go all the way through the building. I knew at that instant that there was no accident involved, but rather the country was under attack.

As I sat glued to the screen, the folks at the networks were as lost as the rest of us. Then reports started coming in of the Pentagon being hit, with video of the plane being flown into the building. Then word of another plane being tracked on radar, possibly aiming for the Capitol. Everyone was asking what the heck is going on? Are we at war? Is this going to go nuclear??

Then to add to the horror, focus shifted back to NYC and live video of the first building being hit, collapsing in a huge cloud of smoke and dust. People on the street running for their lives, seeking what ever shelter they could find. Soon to follow, the entire scenerio

was repeated as the second building also collapsed.

The following days were eerie as facts started to emerge. We had to travel to St.Louis from Herrin the next day, and it was strange not seeing the normal jet traffic out at the airport. And then we learned that all planes had been grounded at whatever closest location that could accommodate them.

All things considered it was a very unnerving span of time and uncertainty.

Paul Sanders



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