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To the Editor:

Please help me understand what is going on at Southern Illinois University. We have a crisis of leadership, which has reached epic proportions, but the Board of Trustees of this multi-million dollar institution cannot meet or refuses to meet until more than two months from now.

Their supposed reasons for not meeting until September are that on the date of their July meeting, the board will lack a quorum to conduct business. Does the Board of Trustees really expect us to believe that at least five of the eight trustees can't find tine in their schedules to meet and perform the duties for which they were appointed?

My wife and I both are two-degree graduates from SIU Carbondale. Our immediate family holds a total of 14 degrees from SIUC. Furthermore, every one of us holding the SIU degrees is a taxpayer in the State of Illinois.

Since seven of the eight Trustees are appointed by the governor, I believe it's time for the governor to call every Trustee to find out which ones are too busy to meet and make decisions regarding the leadership crisis at SIU. Once he determines who the slackers are, he should demand their resignations and immediately appoint replacements who have the best interests of the University at heart.

Let's all hope that none of these "too busy" are first responders. I sure would hate to have an emergency and they be too busy to show up! SIU has an emergency.

Richard L. Stubblefield

Mount Vernon

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