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Voice of the Reader: Speak up for the pre-born

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To the Editor:

Recently, I have been joining the protesters outside the Carbondale abortion clinics. I sit in my chair and hold a sign that says, "Choose Life" or "Protect the Unborn." I've noticed various reactions from passing motorists.

Some give a curious look and drive on. Some honk and give a friendly wave or a thumbs up. Some, however, thrust up a middle finger (or two) and/or shout obscenities. One lady slowed down and told a young female protester, "I hope you die of cancer."

Why all the vulgar hand signals? Why all this venomous verbiage? Why all these hate-filled comments? Do they have a guilty conscience and are lashing out?

I pray for each person who responds. For those who look and pass by, I pray they will eventually get off the fence and speak up for the pre-born. For those who honk and wave or give a thumbs up, I pray God will bless them for their support.

For those that show hatred, I pray their conscience will lead them to realize there is a God named Jesus and He is the "God-Who-Forgives." There is no vulgar action, hateful word or even sinful thought that surpasses the sphere of His forgiveness.

I pray they will ask for His forgiveness and trust Him as their Savior. He can "abort" all their sins, give them a "peace that passes all understanding" and change their lives in ways they can't even imagine.

May these petitions be fulfilled.

Stanley A. Tucker



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