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To the Editor:

The funding formula controversy involving SIUC and SIUE has created, as your recent headline indicated, a system divided. This will eventually be settled, hopefully to the satisfaction of both.

However, another issue involving SIUC has created a "campus divided." Paula Bradshaw's letter published in The Southern on April 15 was spot on. She lays most, if not all, of the blame on SIUC's new chancellor. She goes on to list numerous steps he has taken that could eventually destroy the university as we know it. I believe, as she does, that Montemagno has to go.

I would add a couple of suggestions of my own. Please don't use the same search committee that produced the current chancellor. Secondly, save money and don't use a search committee, just try to entice SIUE Chancellor Randy Pembrook to come to SIUC. Evidently, he has done a great job at Edwardsville.

Chuck Koerner


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