To the Editor:

I used to be a Republican, but now I'm not sure what I am -- perhaps an Independent. I'm also a Catholic, so stay with me, I'll tie the two together.

I find President Trump to be an embarrassment. OK, I don't like him. He keeps doing and saying horrible things. OK, occasionally he gets something right. But when he is so horribly wrong, do Republicans stand up and criticize him? Does Mike Bost?

Now here comes the Catholic thing:

We have a Pope who can do no wrong. It's nonsense that I routinely find fault in the Pope's actions or inactions. He can really mess up, and when he does, I call him out. I still support him and the church.

Now why can't Mike Bost step up and just once say that Mr. Trump was wrong. Does it take that much courage, he was Marine. You can be a Trump supporter and a loyal Republican and still criticize Trump when he is wrong.

What line must be crossed for Bost to show the courage to call him out? Does he have no back bone?

George Maroney


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