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To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Bonnie Cotter's March 6 letter attacking Congressman Bost for voting to secure our border.

She states "there is abundant evidence that there is no national emergency." That statement goes hand in hand with the typical democratic talking point that "there are better ways to secure our border than a wall" with zero coherent reasons or evidence why this shouldn't be considered an emergency and why a wall isn't a necessary integral part of border security.

Facts, according to Homeland Security and easily accessible customs and border apprehension statistics on Google, show there were an average of 1,080 illegal southern border apprehensions per day in 2018, up a couple hundred from the previous year. Those are just apprehensions, it doesn't account for the multitudes making it in. More than 76,000 last month, up to over 2,000 per day, at which rate almost 1 million could be apprehended in 2019.

Not a crisis? It has been a crisis for decades and though Clinton, Obama, and every president has increased border protection, helped some but not enough, and in fact these failures only prove a wall is necessary.

Schumer, Pelosi and all the senior Democrats in Congress appropriated money and approved miles of wall in 2013, but it wasn't immoral then, isn't now.

Without this partisan obstruction there would have been no shutdown, potential second or emergency declaration. Obama declared one to combat cartels, it's Trump's sworn duty to uphold our national security.

Joe Harmon


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