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To the Editor:

I am the parent of a 4-year-old who recently began attending TLC child care in Carterville.

Weeks ago, I learned that the Carterville Lions Club would be doing free vision screenings at TLC for the students, and while I was very appreciative of the effort, I was not worried about the outcome, as our son had never shown any obvious signs of vision problems.

However, my wife and I were notified by TLC staff that he failed his vision test, and needed to be referred to an eye doctor. When he was examined this past week, the doctor immediately recognized that our son had amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye. Without corrective methods at a young age, the condition could have worsened and led to eventual blindness in one of his eyes, and certainly would have led to struggles in school and beyond.

My wife and I thank God that the Lions Club saw fit to lend its time and capitol to the children at TLC (and I am sure elsewhere).

We cannot thank the Carterville Lions Club enough for the opportunity to hopefully correct what would have been a serious problem in the future for our son! We are very grateful!

Tony Williams


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