Voice of the Reader: Thank you

Voice of the Reader: Thank you

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To the Editor:

Christmas came on us so fast this year that I'm just now getting around to viewing the WSIU-8 program of Southern Illinois school choral music, "Sounds Of The Season."

This year's production seemed better than ever and the crew at WSIU-TV did a bang-up job of their production. To see these kids just pouring their hearts out in song was just so great.

One group in particular caught my attention and it was the group from the Ewing school. What caught my eye was the one little girl in the front row who was just smiling out the whole time she was singing. What else caught my eye was the fact that she had no hair, which meant that she had either undergone chemotherapy or was just completing it. Here she was just smiling and singing knowing what she had.

I can relate to that as 55 years ago now I had just lost my hair from chemotherapy at a time when chemo was viewed as witchcraft. Keep smiling and singing, young lady, for you are truly a winner.

I want to thank Bonnie Wheeler for all of her time and energy in bringing these programs to us every year. It is surely a labor of love and I think everyone appreciates what you have done for us. You are a tremendous woman and you should be so very proud.

To WSIU-TV, I say thank you for your time and effort for your production. Your coordination of all of the choirs was made even more wonderful with the addition of your graphics.

And last, but surely not least, is a great big thank you to all of the choir directors and choirs who brought so much joy to us all. Working with those kids was surely a lot of work but ever so rewarding. Bless every one of you.

Larry Mittendorf




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