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To the Editor:

In a recent letter laced with biblical quotes, half-truths, falsehoods and glaring omissions, Judith Schwegman attempted to paint our country as an unwelcoming nation, and that as a matter of policy, America obstructs immigration while gassing women and children as they seek refuge.

Really? Some facts:

1. A 2018 report by the magazine U.S. News lists statistics from an OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) report entitled “Inflows of Permanent Immigrants into OECD Countries.” The report affirms that the U.S. by far outpaced all 34 OECD countries in the arena of welcoming immigrants. Germany came in a far second, followed by the UK, Canada, France and Australia.

2. About “gassing of women and children.” The U.S. Customs and Border Protection deployed teargas 26 times in fiscal 2012 and 27 times in 2013. Why no outcry during President Obama’s tenure? Why the selective outrage? Now, as in the past, when a rock-and-bottle throwing mob of mostly well-fed, Nike-clad, young men (and for visual affect, a sprinkling of women and kids) stormed our border, the results were as predictable then as they are now.

Interestingly, the gentle lady’s letter failed to mention legal immigration. Why gloss over the thousands of honorable folks, some like my family, who were caught up in a maelstrom of daily carpet bombings, disease, starvation, and the humiliating grind of a totalitarian Socialist regime?

Should we “the huddled masses breathing to be free” be subjected to even more pain as a well-financed mob surged to the head of the line? Is a mob somehow “more worthy” than the tens-of-thousands currently waiting their turn? And since we differentiate between shoppers and shoplifters, why do some insist on conflating legal immigrants with illegal ones?

Granted, legal immigrants aren’t on the evening news and thus out of sight — but should they be out of mind? Why no letters to the Editor expressing support and empathy for those who respect America’s laws and by extension respect America?

Please fellow readers, let us never, ever, link virtue signaling with morality — such is both unjust and unseemly.

Gus Maroscher


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