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To the Editor:

The wall, which has President Trump in such a megalomaniac tantrum, can, in reality, never be built. Someone should point out to him the actual problems with trying to build a 1,000-mile wall between Mexico and the United States.

First of all, regardless of the funding, most of the purposed land is in private ownership by ranchers, farmers, individual state parks, even a golf course in Texas. If he tries eminent domain, the resulting cases will keep the government tied up in court for years. One woman even found that she would be living on the wrong side of the wall.

Second, by the time the environmental impact statements on the effects on wildlife, stream management, endangered species and wildlife reserves, Trump will be long gone, along with the rest of his gang.

Third, the terrain of most of the border is almost impassable because of mountains, swamps and other geographical features. While I have every faith in our engineering abilities, the cost of leveling and filling will be astronomical. Five billion dollars will be just a drop in an endless outflow of cash. We have many more pressing problems to spend money on and taxpayer dollars should be spent for the good of the people.

Fourth, even if all these obstacles could be overcome, the wall will only give a false sense of security to some. There never was a wall that could not be climbed over, tunneled under, broken down or blown up!

Unfortunately, there are no simple answers to the problem of migration of people.

People will always seek a better life for their children, if not for themselves. However, I am sure we must find a better answer than a (mythical) wall! A wall is only good for distracting the masses from the real problems.

Judy Schwegman


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