To the Editor:

With Congress back in full swing, it’s time for our government officials to get serious about tackling small business issues.

If my elected officials would take the time to talk with small business owners in our community, they’d understand we desperately need access to business support services and affordable healthcare. As a business owner in a rural community, I don’t have the same resources as my urban counterparts.

My closest Small Business Development Center is more than an hour away. And, with unreliable internet in my area, using online resources is a less than ideal option.

I have my own business, but I rely on employer-sponsored healthcare from my day job because getting it on my own is too expensive. If I could afford healthcare, I would be able to spend more time growing my business.

I know I’m not alone: In recent polling, half of Illinois small business owners cited healthcare costs as a top issue that could harm their business. Rural small business owners are struggling, and our needs are being sidelined at the state capitol and in Washington.

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If those representing our state’s job creators want to prove they care about our success, they need to listen to our needs, and then act on them.

Candy Alford

Owner, Candy's

Distinctive Decorations


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