To the Editor:

Here's my take on the new budget for Illinois.

I am one of the hard-working citizens of Illinois who has worked hard all my life so I could earn a living for my family. I am proud of the fact that I have been able to feed, clothe, provide a home and all other needs to raise my family. At the same time, I have been able to provide transportation to doctors, school events, and other transportation needs. All paid for by hard-earned money that I worked for, and not money from government giveaway programs.

Along with providing a living for me and my family, I have managed to save a little money to help in my retirement years.

So along comes an ultra-liberal Chicago Democrat governor and his ultra-liberal majority Chicago Democrats. They start by raising taxes, adding new taxes and fees for what?

First off, they have lowered my standard of living, because I still have to pay these taxes and fees with no increase in my meager fixed income. Secondly, in my opinion, this was so they could give public unions more power and means to fleece the taxpayers. Start new programs and put more money into existing programs to provide more for the unemployed, freeloading, undocumented residents of our once great state.

Free everything for these kinds in hopes of buying their votes so they can continue their destruction of our once great state. Just so all you people like me will have to cut out a movie or two, eat more hamburger and less steak, get some of our clothes at Goodwil and cut back a little so those mentioned above can continue living high on the hog on our increased taxes and fees

Bill Sample


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