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To the Editor:

In March 2017, Congressmen John Shimkus and Mike Bost were among 265 members of Congress who voted to allow Internet Service Providers to sell your data to marketers and other. Shimkus sold you out for $104,425. Bost did so for $29,750.

In April 2016, Shimkus and Bost sold you out to Big Pharma. The bill was HR 4069. they voted to strip the Drug Enforcement Agency of it's power to weaken the drug industry's efforts to supply corrupt doctors and pharmacists who peddle narcotics on the black market. The opioid crisis has claimed over 200,000 American lives. This crisis continues because of comfortable, incumbent Congressmen who are willing to choose big pharma money over American lives.

Shimkus has received $59,304 from the NRA. There are now over 155 deaths from mass shootings since Trump became president. Two Russians, with connections to the Russian Central Bank, who were members of the NRA are believed to have helped the NRA launder Russian mob money to elect Trump.

Shimkus has been in office since 1997. Bost since 2014. It's time to elect people with new and realistic visions for our seniors, the vulnerable and working families. It's time for congressmen who are not puppets for lobbyists and president Trump. these candidates are highly qualified young men named Kevin Gaither and Brendan Kelly.

Gene Robke


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