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To The Editor:

Senate Bill 3174 needs your help to become law.

Right now, there is a loophole in Illinois law that allows fracking to occur in secret for two years. The loophole exists because hydraulic fracturing that didn't reach the threshold of "high volume," regulated under the 1951 Oil and Gas Act.

SB 3174 would change that. SB 3174 would require disclosure of the fracking taking place in Illinois in real time. SB 3174 would make public, information on the chemicals used for fracking all horizontal or directionally-drilled wells. SB 3174 would require disclosure of the location of fracked wells using a GPS system. Illinois residents need a green path forward, not the dark regression back, to the secrecy of the 1951 Illinois Oil & Gas Act.

Urge your state senators to co-sponsor Senate Bill 3174.

Stephen Nickels



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