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Voice of the Reader: Unable to find another way?

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To the Editor:

I find it worrisome and depressing that our Representative Mike Bost is unable to find any other way to see funding for the much-needed infrastructure bill the House just passed except to “increase taxes on hardworking Americans and business owners.” This legislation is way past due, as many of the systems the public relies on, such as highways, water and waste systems, broadband services, child care and much more, are in dire need of modernization and general maintenance. Rest assured that the large corporations and ultra-wealthy benefit from these systems just as we hardworking Americans do, and yet they just got huge tax cuts a few years ago that have fattened their wallets immeasurably.

Mr. Bost is stuck in the “Trump mentality,” which seems to adhere to the fiction that increasing the wealth of the already wealthy will somehow improve the health of the entire country. In fact, this approach has only increased the gap between this tiny fraction of our overall population and all the rest of us. And the list of corporations paying no taxes at all is obscene. Household names like Amazon, FedEx, Nike, Dish Network, Archer Daniels Midland, Con Edison and many more not only paid no taxes but actually recovered some $3.5 billion in rebates. Since PACs have made it difficult to learn who finances Bost’s campaign, it leaves one to wonder why he feels, as do nearly all of his Republican colleagues, duty-bound to treat these tax-dodgers as sacrosanct.

Jim Renshaw



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