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To the Editor:

Some Republicans are saying that the women Democrats at the State of the Union address were being told what to do, and blindly following. That is bull.

They dressed alike in white tops and black bottoms, because there is strength in unity and organization -- and their clapping was a result of great leadership, and unity, and was an expression of their feelings, and a means to call attention to pertinent issues.

Yes, way to go lady Dems.

I say let's keep wearing white tops and black bottoms, and maybe even continue the clapping at pertinent times. Organization is power. One alone may be weak, but an organization of small ones is powerful.

As an example, just look how small a microscopic bubonic plague bacterium is. But after multiplying, it wiped out half of the human population of Europe in 1359. Perhaps even maybe wearing a white and black tie around the upper arm could be a symbol of unity and strong organization.

Judy Cunningham


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