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To the Editor:

Amid the chaos coming from Washington, let's not forget Kim Jong Un.

Shortly after graduating from CHS, my Dad was drafted to the Korean Conflict, where he served on the front line — the getting killed line. Like many U.S. kids that didn't have the money for college or a medical deferment, my Dad served. Unlike 36,900 Americans, my Dad survived and was on the 38th Parallel when the Armistice was signed.

Fast Forward 2018: On June 12, the dictator of North Korea and the U.S. president met in Singapore, which was a welcome break from the juvenile Twitter war between the two leaders. Unfortunately, the U.S. got totally played. Hugging for photo ops with the U.S. president, the North Korean Dictator gained legitimacy on the world stage and camera footage for North Korean propaganda. As a bonus, the "Commander and Chief" suspended military exercises with our ally (South Korea).

Now with the GOP tariff war and tweets from the White House that the "threat is over," China has no reason to continue North Korean sanctions. The U.S. got absolutely nothing!

On a personal level, I was offended that the president of the U.S. saluted a North Korean general. I was sad when the president of the U.S., lavishly praised Kim Jong Un, the grandson of the man who started the Korean War. But when Trump tweeted: "He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same," cold chills went down my spine!

Elizabeth Tregoning


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