Voice of the Reader: Wear a mask?

Voice of the Reader: Wear a mask?

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To the Editor:

Wear a mask? If you think wearing a face mask is somewhat uncomfortable, you won't be too happy wearing a ventilator either. I don't know this from experience and don't want to find out. My wife, however, is a retired nurse who began her nursing career about 40 years ago in ICU. After 50 years of marriage, I've come to heed almost everything she tells me. She claims being "placed on a vent" is no walk in the park.

The only consolation is that you probably won't be conscious by then. Also, there's a good chance you won't have terrible nightmares about the vent experience because many COVID-19 patients on a vent are taken off only when they "flatline." Next stop is probably the "cooler" somewhere in the hospital basement. So, if you're smart enough to figure out what "flatlining" is, you're probably smart enough to wear a mask!

Mike Murray

Makanda Township



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