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Voice of the Reader: Where's the accountability?

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To the Editor:

“Mission First, People Always” is the motto that was ingrained into me while serving more than a decade in the Army. The focus was, and remains, to train soldiers to accomplish the mission while protecting their fellow service men and women, as well as the people they are tasked to defend.

The Army Rangers creed states “never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy.” This mantra has been fulfilled as the U.S. military has sacrificed themselves time and time again to rescue Americans (civilian and military) who found themselves in the hands of our enemies.

The oath of office that all service men and women take, along with various governmental offices including the presidency, states the obligation to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” More than a motto, this is a solemn oath promised as terms of the appointed office.

The tragic news of the U.S. military recently pulling the last troops out of Afghanistan while Secretary of State Blinken openly admits there are still Americans left behind who want to get out is an outright violation of the oaths those of us who served fought to defend. As a veteran, the lack of accountability is infuriating. It’s time we hold our leaders accountable for the decisions they make, and the oaths they violate. It’s time we demand answers of our elected officials, and insist on protecting America, its values, and its citizens across the globe.

Marshall Girtman



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