To the Editor:

Our country has many wounds to heal from the Civil War, Word War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm, etc. As a "Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all", we must protect the history of our country as America stands yesterday, tomorrow and in the future.

Seeking to hide it will never be a successful avenue.

Many people of various nations around the world have sacrificed their lives for freedom. We have been informed by news media of tragedy involving the Independence War, Civil War, French and Indian War, etc. In this generation, America has also been exposed to the news reports of a young Vietnam child burning from incoming napalm bombs dropped to save American soldiers during a fire fight nearby. Tragedy strikes again in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan and news media prompts our USA to anger again. Our country is constantly under attack from school shootings, bombing of marathon races, burning of rioters, protests leading to disruption of normal life and workplaces, street gangs and undocumented immigrants crossing our borders that cost billions of dollars of to accommodate them.

My sincere point of this is: Who are the yo-yos to say that they are offended and become the voice of Illinois to nix the Confederate Railroad band playing at the Du Quoin State Fair? Why not address other problems as mentioned above?

In Southern Illinois, we love country music and Confederate Railroad plays tunes we like no matter what color we are. Why has the Pritzkner administration staff made this a race issue? Since the decision was made to ban Confederate Railroad, should they consider also banning The Southern from printing current news? Should we not think that both reflects on the South?

Michael L. Duncan


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