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To the Editor:

After reading the editorial in the Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018, edition “Democracy isn’t always pretty,” I felt compelled to write a letter. The closing statement of the editorial struck me at my core as a native born citizen of this country: “Democracy isn’t always a pretty process. Hernandez’s situation is a prime example.”

Mr. Hernandez, whether he’s Charles Manson or Pope Francis, is not a citizen of this country. The democratic process applies to citizens of this country. He became a criminal in the eyes of the law as soon as he set foot on U.S. soil. How does that fact — yes that is a fact — get lost in the feel good argument of he’s a law abiding individual? Mr. Hernandez should be rewarded for being a law-abiding illegal resident of this country? Why?

Trisha L. Caupert



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