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Voice of the Reader: You just don't know

Voice of the Reader: You just don't know

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To the Editor:

Yesterday my wife and I went to breakfast. I parked in the handicap space and put our handicapped hanger on the rear view mirror. I won't tell you which of us is disabled or why (we’ll get back to that) only that one of us is disabled.

We made our way inside and as I was talking to the host about the seating situation a man interrupted me to ask me if I had a permit to park there. I filled with rage. I looked right into his eyes and yelled “YES!” I couldn’t believe that this guy would ask anyone that question without first going to look at the vehicle to see if there was anything hanging from the rear view mirror, or a disabled decal on the license plate.

He must have known the answer could have been “yes” — not only “yes” but a terrible “yes." Like maybe my favorite body part got blown off in Afghanistan, but you can’t tell because my pants cover the wound. Or maybe my wife lost a child at birth and she can’t walk so well because of a hospital acquired infection.

My point is, you just don’t know. So for god's sake before you ask someone that question go outside and look at their car first. He was too lazy to go outside and look at the car (or just look out the window) before basically accusing my wife and I of being low-life scum bags who park in handicap spaces.

Timothy Thomas




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