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To the Editor:

Every eligible voter should vote, even if you don't care for those running. It is your duty as a citizen to inform yourself about the various candidates and political parties platforms.

If you really don't want to do that, at least ask some knowledgeable friends for opinions and then decide who you will vote for. But, for goodness sake, go vote.

I know several people who chose not to vote in the 2016 election and I can't help but wonder what they think now. I know some of you who didn't vote can say, "It isn't my fault because I didn't vote." Sorry, but my response is, "Oh, yes it is," because if you had better informed yourself and voted I think there is a good chance the outcome would have been very different.

As a result of not voting or not taking the time to check things out, you may lose your affordable health insurance and get to watch the wealthy and the corporations haul off all of the money, leaving you with a big bill to pay and perhaps see us get involved in still another war.

Again I say everyone should go vote.

Bill Schwegman



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